@Nathaniel Morgan

BH – trumpet
Dustin Carlson – guitar

“..eerie drones created by radiator-hissing trumpet and slowly strummed guitar. Mr. Carlson strums a couple of dark chords over and over with Mr. Henkel’s haunting trumpet in the distance, like a foghorn in floating in the mist. As Mr. Carlson strums over and over, he creates a most hypnotic undertow, occasionally hitting the strings above the top or below the bottom bridge. The different layers of drones are carefully manipulated to create a mesmerizing aura. Eventually Mr. Carlson begins to add another layer bent notes by tapping on the strings, creating a somewhat disorienting alien world. On the second piece, Mr. Henkel concentrates on haunting long tones while Carlson adds a weird layer bent-note ominousness. The overall effect is one of floating in a dreamworld where nothing it quite distinct yet we still can feel the walls holding our imaginations within.” – Bruce Lee Gallanter